Juice [Re: UVM and Microsoft]

John Wood tenshon@msn.com
Wed, 21 May 97 02:16:30 UT

>> The Juice approach is to compile *entire* modules upon loading <<

This was a planned feature of IE4 release of Microsoft's Java VM - I remember 
arguing with their team leader that people will end up putting hacks in just 
to get pre-compile time performance (ie. they'll force all methods to be 
executed just to buffer the compile cache).

Their idea of the persistence representation reflecting something closer to 
the data structures created during optimisation passes of compilation is 
pretty close to the idea I was suggesting, and can be implemented with an 
object hierarchy of instruction sets anyway.  And of course, this makes the 
bytecode files smaller.

The security aspect of this was something I didn't recognize - that if the 
base instructions are secure, then it's implicit that all the other derived 
instructions would be secure - and so less checking needs to be performed, and 
so you gain an implicit performance increase.

At least that's my understanding... I only looked over it briefly.