A Summary of Project so far [Re: Kernel LISP - how low down can it go?]

Patrick Logan patrickl@servio.gemstone.com
Thu, 22 May 97 09:15 PDT

>>>>> "Henry" == Henry G Baker <hbaker@netcom.com> writes:

    Henry> In the case of OODB's, you have multiple users trying to
    Henry> access the same objects.  If the objects are functional,
    Henry> then they can be shared without any restrictions, while if
    Henry> they are mutable, then each user is building up a different
    Henry> view of what the OODB looks like.  At commit time, the
    Henry> multiple users lay their cards on the table, and the winner
    Henry> gets to commit, while the losers have to roll back.

More on Gemstone... I don't want to become a bore, but Gemstone has a
lot of the qualities of what is being discussed on these lists, and I
know it well.

Gemstone added several years ago to the Smalltalk Collection hierarchy
some "reduced conflict" classes. These allow multiple users primarily
the ability to read and add to a collection during simultaneous
transactions without conflict. They may also remove from these
collections simultaneously, but there is a possibility of conflict.

This happens to reflect the observation that many applications create
but few destroy.

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