Dan Odom danodom@matt.ksu.ksu.edu
Wed, 7 Apr 93 21:33:43 CDT

>From the brain of Dennis Marer came:
> Hello?

Hi Dennis!

> Is it just me, or have I received zero replies from my last message?

It's just you; the list has been teeming with activity.  We've almost
got the kernel complete, and a C++ compiler is on the way.  We've
been wondering where you are...

> In fact, I haven't heard anything in a week from anybody...are you there?

If you want to know the honest truth, we were all kidnapped by hostile
Elvis-shaped aliens from the planet Cruton.  They took us to their
Cosmic Experiment Station where we were forced to write a 386 PM
kernel using only a 386, a car battery, 256k of memory, and a bent paperclip.
I _think_ somebody saved a copy of the source...

BTW, if a guy named Zorg asks to join the project, say no.  He's a
lousy programmer; 5 to 1 he winds up at IBM :-)

Dan Odom
danodom@matt.ksu.ksu.edu -- Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

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