Some references

Michael David WINIKOFF
Sun, 11 Apr 93 0:22:02 EST

[Sorry if you go this .. just being certain]

Some references:

operating System Review July 1990
	A regular architecture for operating system
	Vadim G Antonov

	-- Deals with an OO OS

For GUI Have a look at:
[these have some really great ideas]

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Technical reports from the Centre for Mathematics and
Computer Science (CWI) in Amsterdam are now available
by anonymous ftp from [].

Directory /pub/CWIreports contains a general index
to all CWI reports. Subdirectories contain the actual reports
(in compressed PostScript) classified under the name of the CWI 

Current contents (2 april) are listed below. More files will be 
added soon.

Please read the README file in /pub/CWIreports for further 

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-- Robert van Liere

S. Pemberton.
"The Views application environment."

L.G.L.T. Meertens, and S. Pemberton.
"The ergonomics of computer interfaces. Designing a system 
	for human use."

S. Pemberton.
"Programming aspects of Views. An open-architecture 
	application environment."

L.G. Barfield.
"Graphics in the Views system."

E.D.G. Boeve.
"Modelling interaction tools in the Views architecture."

J. Ganzevoort.
"Maintaining presentation invariants in the Views system."

M. Bordegoni.
"Multimedia in Views."