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Gary D. Duzan
Fri, 16 Apr 93 17:35:55 -0400

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   Dan Odom <> wrote:

=>From the brain of Gary D. Duzan came:
=>>    NAK?
=>ACK :-)
=>Seriously, though.  What's wrong with the list?  Where is everybody.

   Well, I'm at home in Newark, Delaware, sitting at my HP2621P
terminal, listening to an Andreas Vollenweider CD and drinking a
Pathmark brand cola. :-)
   I think most of us are waiting for Dennis to post a general set of
goals for the project. Personally, I'm waiting for a response from
Fare' on my response to his latest language posting.  Michael has
already responded that he agrees with me, surprise of surprises. :-)
So either I am absolutely correct, and hence there is no point in
debating my points, or I am completely mad, and therefore unworthy
of a response. :-)
   I had better clean out my MOOSE folder; it is about 1.5MB and
274 messages. It will be good to take a look at what we have done
so far, too.

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