MUSIC Specs 0.0 [djo4-ish]

Dan Odom
Thu, 29 Apr 93 22:46:21 CDT

Michael David WINIKOFF Said:

> > I don't use X, and it still needs 70 meg.  GCC is huge, but we're going to
> WHat takes up all the room then?

GCC and EMACS, I imagine.  I could check if you really want me to.

> Why? Durely you don't want to encourage people to use C?

Why not?  Its not _that_ bad, and GCC includes support for C++ and Objective-C

> Besides only developers need C. 
> I see no reason for including C and EMACS in the core distribution.
> Perhaps have a developers packet that has EMACS VI GCC etc.

EVERYONE should be a developer.  Let's make the basic tools a part of
our standard distribution.

But these are details that can be worked out later; let's worry about other
things for now.

> > Just a note of interest:  the latest release of AmigaDOS (for the AGA)
> > was written using GCC.
> I'm still using 1.3 ... :-)

I know very little about the Amiga.  When was 1.3?

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