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Wed, 21 Jul 93 07:32:12 -0400

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=>On Fri, 16 Jul 93, Gary D. Duzan wrote:
=>>    On another note, what is the group's opinion of Ada? Rumor has
=>> it that GNU Ada is around the corner, so it might be another option
=>> for implementation language.
=>Ada?!?  A language designed by government committee that couldn't even
=>fulfill it's design goal?  Lets not use it, even if GNU Ada does
   True, this is the natural reaction to anything handed down from the
government. However, though I haven't looked at it in a while, the
language has a number of nice features that make it a possibility.
Ever looked at military specs for electronic equipment? Ada is designed
to build software to similarly high standards of reliability.  Most of
the negative things I have heard about it are related to the complexity
of compiler construction, but if we get a compiler from GNU, then that
isn't an issue. I'd rather look at the language from its merits. I'll
be looking over my Ada programming manual again to formulate my own

=>I too have been thinking of upgrading to an Alpha, and wouldn't mind
=>seeing it as an initial Moose platform.  Gary, do you have
=>information, likes, dislikes, or information sources (email addresses,
=>snail mail addresses, or phone numbers for inquiries) about the Alpha
=>(or other modern RISC architectures) you would like to share?
   I have DEC Systems & Hardware catalogs, as well as the Alpha
Architecture Reference Manual. What do you want to know? A reasonably
configured low-end standalone Alpha 3000/300L (100Mhz (85.0 SPECmark),
32MB RAM, 425MB Hard Drive, 2.8MB Floppy, CD-ROM Drive, 17" Grey Scale
Monitor, 1024x768 8 plane graphics, OSF/1 Unix) is about $7716. A new,
low cost version of the Alpha is due out by the end of the year with an
EISA architecture and Windows NT. (And it might even have a little left
over RAM and disk, too.) OSF/1 is also in the works for the DECpc AXP.

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