ORG,KER+ far12

Michael David WINIKOFF
Tue, 9 Mar 93 15:10:38 EST

> Here's my reply to Michael's reply.
> He flamed me; I somehow deserved it as I called for answers, even flames.
> I also must clarify (and sometimes change) my point of view to take into
> account his arguments.

Sorry, my appologies, as is usual in such things it was simply a case
of misunderstanding.

> What I wouldn't want us to copy is not only one or another of those OSes'
> flaws, but mostly their philosophy, which leads to what we already have. I
> think if you follow unix philosophy for example, you won't do better than
> a twenty year old still evolving product on the which many a group work.

Hmm, you're right.

>  I propose we have a vote on it (see end of the letter)

No. I think we should get everyone understanding you're proposal well.
I for one am still not certain exactly what you're saying.
Voting and having everyone follow the result when people don't understand 
the proposals is a bad move -- you'll have people like myself trying to 
use a design model they don't understand fully ...