Processes and Communication (2)

Gary D. Duzan
Wed, 10 Mar 93 07:24:16 -0500

=>What is the advantage of having no kernel as opposed to a micro-kernel?
=>Sounds as if someone said "micro-kernels are better then typical bloated
=>kernels hence having no kernel must be better still" :-)

   Well, you'd have to agree that it is a radical idea, and there will
always be young upstarts like myself that will jump at anything that
goes against the establishment. :-) I think the basic idea it that if
you can build a system that is quick and efficient without a kernel,
then you'll end up with a more flexible system if you get rid of it.
It also logically separates the different parts of the kernel
(scheduler, memory manager, communications, etc.) into manageble and
easily replaceable chunks, just like microkernels do for higher-level
services.  However, keep in mind that it isn't even unanimously agreed
upon that microkernels are the way to go, much less non-kernels.

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