Processes and Communication (2)

Gary D. Duzan
Fri, 12 Mar 93 17:40:14 -0500

=>That does keep things simple enough, but what about security?  If each progra
=>shares the same address space and one of them goes awry (due to a pointer err
=>or something) other programs could get trashed.  One of the nice things about
=>separating each task is that they can't interfere with each other and no one
=>task can bring down the whole system.  If it begins to overstep its bounds,
=>the kernel can kick it out.

   I'm afraid you've got segments-on-the-brain. :-)  As I understand
it, other types of MMU specify access rights for ranges of addresses,
so the system can maintain a single 0 - (2^n - 1) address space with
different protected address sub-spaces.

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