ORG, GEN arf1 [djg9]

David Garfield
Fri, 26 Mar 1993 18:06:32 EST

On 26 Mar 93 09:40:37 +0100, "Andreas Arff" <> wrote:
> Howdy all elgers
> I have some things to say about the organization. It stinks.
> Yes, this is another of those "nowwemustputourselftogether" mails.
> First:
> Let's divide into smaller groups.

Much as I would like to divide into smaller groups, I don't think we 
can do this viably until we have designed the Kernel.  Without 
knowledge of the Kernel, how can we go elsewhere?

> Second:
> Let's get something done.

I too would like to see something done.

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