ORG, GEN [arf2]

Andreas Arff
27 Mar 93 12:57:50 +0100

More news about the organization.

So far I have received three postive mail and one "negative" mail, that's
4 to 1(half?), which I regard as a decision that we should continue this NOW.
Discussions can continue but we got to get something done!

'Nough moral talk.

There has been some (very) small changes to the cathegorizing(?).

Now the updated lists with people:

Group Name: Group Leader: Participants:
     Sub Group:
MOOSE:      Dennis (I have currently taken his place to get some structure)
                       Participants: All who gets this mail!
Kernel:      Dennis       Dennis, John Newlin, Peter Mueller(?).
        ROI: Peter M.(?)
IO devices:   None so far but don't worry

        Disks (hard and floppy):
        Com/Parallel(/mice) ports: Dennis (he has already done some of it)
        SCSI-interface: Who where you who showed interrest in this?
        (G)UI: Andreas Arff (JJ?)
Language support: Fare'    Fare' and JJ Lay

Now there are one more thing I want you elgere to notice when you respond
to my last mail, tell me what langauge you want the language group to work
Sorry Fare' and Lay, we are not buying a pig without having a look at it

Dennis have said he'll take command of the kernel group immediately, so listen
up kernelers'.

I miss response from the following: (Don't know the name of you all:-()
Gary D. Duzan
David Garfield
Dr. Hayden
Dan Odom
Michael Winikoff
Francois Rene Rideau
Dspascha (?)
Erik "Fate" ...

Those who have responded positively:
John Newlin
JJ Lay
Me (that was hard to guess...)

Current status:
Dennis has done some work (I mean coding) regarding
1) the Kernel
2) Idea testing the kernel with a muckettymuck C++program
3) Written drivers for com and parallel ports (don't know how finished they
    are, or if it is just old stuff)

Now respond!
BTW, if you have lost interrest please notice me! I'm trying to get this
coordinated and it would be a lot more easy if you could respond soon.


PS. To you who does respond before Wednesday, you get a free watch that
shows the correct time for 86400 different cities all around the world.
To those of you who don't, you'll get mentioned as quislings in the

sig.'s in for 1000 miles service
        --Andreas Arff