Michael David WINIKOFF
Mon, 29 Mar 93 17:24:29 EST

[BTW -- this is being posted rather then mailed directory to ANDREAS since I 
seem to have difficulties reaching him directly ...]

> > > AFTER that we code.
> >
> > Yes. Coding the system now is WRONG.
> > Knocking up bits of code to test ideas is good.

On the proviso that you realise that the code will be thrown away ... :-)

> Good you agree! Now, please annonce what group you'd be interested to join.

Sure, I'd like to keep contributing to the kernel/nucleus.

I'd be interested in keeping up to date with language related issues 
(If only to ensure that the needs of non OO languages aren't neglected :-)

> > Michael Winikoff
> Arff
> sig.'s in for 1000 miles service
>         --Andreas Arff

Michael -- hoping he'll be able to find time to keep up with moose ...

Michael Winikoff
Computer science honours. University of Melbourne, Australia.