Sun, 22 May 1994 14:35:27 -0500 (CDT)

> The MOOSE project is (hopefully) being revived and reorganized in a more
> constructive way. If you can read this, can you mail me back to tell me
> if you will/won't/can't join ?
> Thank you, and good luck whatever you become.

Nifty.  I'd love to work on MOOSE;  I think that our main problem before
was that nobody knew what was going on :-)

As you apparantly know, my address has changed from
to  This account is liable to go bye-bye at any
time, though (it belongs to a relative), but if the MOOSE project
becomes a non-profit organization I can get more-or-less permanent
access to another set of machines (there is a policy at Fort Hays State
University that the members of any non-profit organization who live in
this county can gain access to computing resources for use in activities
related to their organization) (how was that for a run-on sentence? :-).

Anyway, count me in, for now.  I think that the members of the MOOSE
Project Mark II should all get together on IRC or something some time
soon to discuss organization, philosophy, and distribution of the work
load; if we are still going to split in to teams, I'd like to be on
the design team.

Later on,

---> Dan