Windows Slate build in Visual Studio

Todd Fleming todd at
Sat Jan 8 10:29:54 PST 2005

Shaping wrote:

> Does anyone have a working Slate build on Windows, using Visual 
> Studio?  I seem to be missing at least one file in the checkout.  
> Wvm.exe is not built.  There is no wvw.* in the source tree.
> Shaping

Here are my VS 2003 files. Discard the ones I attached to a previous 
message; they had some paths encoded incorrectly. Place them in 
src\mobius\vm\platform\windows. You'll also need to fix the include in 
src/mobius/vm/platform/windows/directory.c. It includes "vm.h"; this 
should be "slatevm.h" for consistency with the includes in the other .c 

Before building, rename or copy vm.h and vm.c to slatevm.h and 
slatevm.c. The project generates Slate.exe in the root of your slate 
tree, where little.image resides. Both the debug and release builds 
generate the final .exe in the same location and with the same name. 
Both builds include debug information; the only difference is the amount 
of optimization.

This project file only builds the VM; it doesn't build smart-console yet.


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