Alpha VM on Solaris UltraSPARC?

Nicolas Pelletier nicolas.pelletier3 at
Sat Mar 12 00:53:28 PST 2005

David Hopwood <david.nospam.hopwood at> writes:

> Nicolas Pelletier wrote:
> > Just an aside: a similar problem  with dispatchID shows up on a 32-bit
> > sparc. The 2  offending lines where dispatchID is used  in the VM must
> > be converted to a byte-per-byte copy mechanism using a for loop (since
> > gcc optimizes calls to memcpy).
> memcpy is required to work for unaligned pointers. If it didn't that
> would be a bug in gcc, and I'm not aware of any such bug.

I remember noticing a difference  with gcc 2.95.2 on a sparc depending
on the optimization level: -O0 would  leave the calls to memcpy in the
executable code, producing  a working VM; -O2 would  try to inline the
calls  and  the resulting  executable  contained  an unaligned  access
x->dispatchID that crashed the thing.

This  problem  does  not  qualify  as  a memcpy  problem,  but  as  an
optimization problem, you are correct. I  was too lazy to write a full
sentence, and this resulted in  an ambiguous meaning. Anyway, I'll try
again with mwmcpy to check if the error was merely on my side.


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