vm crash when defining method with invalid type name

John Leuner jewel at pixie.co.za
Mon Mar 14 17:38:27 PST 2005

When I use a bogus type to define a method the VM self-destructs ...

jemna% ./vm
Slate: Growing heap to 6156120 bytes.
Slate 2> ensureNamespace: #foo.
(traitsWindow. prototypes. globals. Mixins. Types. VM. foo)
Slate 3> foo addPrototype: #rock.
("rock" traitsWindow: ("rock" traitsWindow: ("Cloneable" ...). traits3:
("Cloneable" ...).
        traits2: ("Cloneable" ...). traits1: ("Cloneable" ...). traits:
("rock traits" ...).
        printName: 'rock'))
Slate 4> r@(foo rock traits) bar 

Slate 5> foo rock bar.

Slate 6> x@(foo rockBOGUS traits) car
Slate: Growing heap to 10350424 bytes.
Slate: Growing heap to 14544728 bytes.
Slate: Growing heap to 16777216 bytes.
Slate: Attempted to grow heap beyond limits

I did a checkout (pull) this morning and fetched little.image.

-rw-r--r--  1 jewel jewel 637060 2005-03-12 05:15 little.image
jemna% md5sum
fd73ae24b69556bf163d33acaccad0a0  little.image

John Leuner

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