Conflict inside derivable.slate

Paul Dufresne dufrp at
Thu Mar 17 17:23:45 PST 2005

>Just do "darcs unrecord derivable.slate" and "darcs pull".
Sorry but I tend to believe that you are wrong.
When I do darcs check, I get the information as that my repository is indeed
the sequential applications of all patches found in my repository.

My hypothesis is that if one do darcs get of main now, he
would get either the same derivable.slate files as I do, or
either darcs check will indicate corruption of main.
[I'll try later if no one confirm my hypothesis, or convince my
I am wrong before, as I am doing an upgrade of my system nom]

According to what you say:
>Sorry about the weirdness. I had to deal with that as I worked from two
>machines and upgraded DARCS at some point along the line.
I tend to believe that if you do darcs check, you
would see that your repository is "corrupted".

>The current file in the server repositories is in good shape.
Then, if you doing darcs check result in showing derivable.slate corrupted,
what I believe should be done is that you do:
  darcs remove derivable.slate
  darcs add derivable.slate


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