Conflict inside derivable.slate

Brian Rice water at
Fri Mar 18 18:03:12 PST 2005

Probably what I did was to unpull so I could amend-record and re-push,  
and you happened to pull at the time when the bad copy was in the  

I would suggest in the future to follow the alpha repository, as our  
current policy is to push changes to main and use that for  
synchronizing or for unstable work, and then we update alpha from main  
once it reaches the ability to bootstrap correctly. Basically, we  
reserve the right to do chaotic things in main since we're working on  
the core often enough.

I will try to avoid unpulling like that in the future, but I'm not  
going to guarantee anything. Just use alpha.

On Mar 18, 2005, at 5:13 PM, Paul Dufresne wrote:

> Well, in fact there was two patches with the same name.
> And it seems my problems was to have both, when the repository
> had just the latest.
> Not sure if the second one was manually removed by Brian, or if it
> was the result of darcs optimize, or whatever.
> Anyway, I am including the files with the same patch name here.
> First: The patch that I strangely have, but is no more in the main  
> Slate repo.
> Second: My rollback of the first (suppose to be a patch inversing the  
> first)
> Third: The patch that seems to replace the first, that is in the main  
> Slate repo.
> The rollback I made have successfully
> made my local derivable.slate identical to the remote one.
> When I made my rollback, some new changes (darcs whatsnew) have been
> "created". At first I recorded these changes, but I should have just  
> revert
> them.
> I could probably study longer what did happened, but I should keep that
> for a long rainy day. Maybe it would be clearer for people of darcs  
> project
> however.
> --Paul
> <20050316003407-bd01d 
> -1012bd7402014b55454dc416dd955c02809e46ba.gz><20050316003407-bd01d 
> -4908b144abf5ead3eaf22bcd11649e6460b6be15.gz><20050316023306-bd01d- 
> a95f768d278d850ffaa9e7f4ca7bce8b52fdb210.gz>
Brian T. Rice
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