No -ldl flag on FreeBSD

Simon Adameit gomdo81 at
Sun Mar 20 03:59:04 PST 2005

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[No -ldl flag on FreeBSD
Simon Adameit <gomdo81 at>**20050320114813] {
hunk ./ 21
-      LIBS=-lm -ldl
+      ifeq ($(shell uname -s),FreeBSD)
+        LIBS=-lm
+      else
+        LIBS=-lm -ldl
+      endif


[Used `>> for elementNotFoundOn:.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050319000715] 
[Some docs and a few stubs
Ken Causey <ken at>**20050319003524] 
[Fixed File Locator as: String for local file references (with no slashes).
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050319010525] 
[Noted that redefining prototypes works fine if the derivation doesn't change.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050318234308] 
[Bug-fix caused by the refactoring/fix to File Locator creation in the previous patch.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050318221533] 
[Improvements to File, Directory, and Locator code.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050318212613] 
[ExtensibleSequence cleanups and additions.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050318195021] 
[Added Directory current: which takes anything acceptible as a Locator specifier (e.g. a String) for convenience.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050318030620] 
[Made use of `er in Set/Dictionary definition code.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050318013442] 
[Daily NEWS update.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050318013053] 
[Changed removeAll: to use `>> in ExtensibleCollection.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050317213634] 
[Bug-fixes for Boolean prototype in bootstrap images.
eihrul at**20050318080705] 
[Actually use slate-dir in slate-mode.el
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20050318002750] 
[Renamed ordered.slate to extensibleSeq.slate and updated the bootstrap list.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050317210747] 
[Added copyWithoutDuplicates for generic collections. It takes a &comparison: parameter.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050317210436] 
[Renames of SDL documents.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050317195202] 
[Added a bug and fix outline for the current logical operator issue when applied to non-Booleans inside of blocks.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050317161453] 
[Moved numericMixin.slate and tuple.slate into the post-bootstrap.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316225544] 
[Removed duplicate Syntax Resend = method.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316221243] 
[Moved requires:/provides: up to Namespace traits and mapped load: across the filename array in post-bootstrap.slate.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316220705] 
[Added interp/memory.slate to the post-bootstrap list of files.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316190936] 
[Renamed pre/post-load.slate to pre/post-bootstrap.slate.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316190811] 
[Made Point2D, Point3D prototypes immutable slots.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316190434] 
[Set clean-ups.
eihrul at**20050317020254] 
[Adjustments to load: so that the first argument may vary.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316085812] 
[More news items.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316083421] 
[Cleanups to the C Generator and Slate Parser by using `>>.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316083323] 
[Cleanups to Syntax definition code, notably making use of writingAs:.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316083217] 
[Addition of support for containing Nil to Set.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316071337] 
[Added a namespace optional keyword &in: to load: and fixed flattened for Namespaces and added import:from:.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316082104] 
[Minor cleanups to Time code.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316080040] 
[Tidied up formatting, and added some comments and a little code cleanup of Derivable code.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316074812] 
[Cosmetics on a couple of files.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050310215634] 
[Some cleanups, and removed an irrelevant and uncalled newWith: method.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050227084917] 
[keys->keySet bug-fix.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316033820] 
[isEmpty changed to = 0 due to bootstrap dependencies.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316030608] 
[Modifications to addPrototype:derivedFrom: for redefinitions.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050316023306] 
[Added &parents: to the addPrototype: method for derivables.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050310215707] 
[Added newOnPort: for socket locators.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050310215550] 
[Added missing =/hash methods to Association.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050315215230] 
[More MethodNotFound bug fixes.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050315012451] 
[Bug fix for MethodNotFound.
eihrul at**20050315080844] 
dufrp at**20050314170811] 
[XML comments start with '<!', not '<'
Tony Garnock-Jones <tonyg at>**20050314170022] 
[Added a Symbol section to the reference manual under the library area.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050314084951] 
[Converted formal references to Symbol, Method, etc. to typewritten face.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050314083347] 
[Added comments to cascade.slate.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050314081355] 
[Revised cascade semantics (leftmost replacement) and related bug fixes.
eihrul at**20050314144846] 
[Expanded a `>> call in region.slate which was bombing.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050314064827] 
[Fixed resend-with-optional in tree.slate.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050314063049] 
[Changed the unix makefile uname option from -o to -s, since -o is not portable.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050314012232] 
[Noted current-directory additions.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050314012156] 
[Added a hypothetical unit test in a comment.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050314012119] 
[Added method comments.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050314012017] 
[Added a clear method to Sequences.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050314011953] 
[Bug-fixes to RingBuffer.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050314011052] 
[Cleaned up Sequence rotated logic.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050313225530] 
[Some improvements to Sequence rotate logic.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050313224934] 
[Removed ^M's from
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050313222530] 
[A patch to unix directory code for Solaris compatibility.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050313222411] 
[Added easy access and setting of the current directory.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050313222336] 
[Initial darcs SDL release
dufrp at**20050313202320
 Hi, this is my initial SDL version 1.2 release code for Slate.
 Most drawing functions for SDL_GFX library works. So what's
 comming is working with events. But the code declaring them
 have been commented out because it is causing problems, like
 you could see by reading changelog.txt.
 Take the time to read README_SDL.txt!
 I did not worked much on this (if at all) in recent weeks.
 But I expect to work on it more. Especially if darcs use
 make people to actually use and comment this (although like
 Brian use to say: Patches speaks louder than words!).
[Big integer bit-rot cleanups.
eihrul at**20050314022614] 
[Header file tweaks for unhandled signal printing.
eihrul at**20050312060922] 
[Improved unhandled signal printing.
eihrul at**20050312060738] 
[Altered the VM message-signal failure branch to print the selector sent to the console before dying.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050311212157] 
[Reverted the size-method call to normal in the pre-load string concatenation library.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050310214256] 
[Fixes to the pre-load String concatenation definition.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050310210538] 
[Fixed a Syntax Writer typo.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050310203327] 
[Bug fix for printName clean-ups.
eihrul at**20050309082055] 
[Fixes for printName slots; move printName back onto traitsWindow.
lsalzman1 at**20050309080217] 
[Modifications to the printName patch.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050308181422] 
[Naming of prototypes and objects at traits and traitsWindow slots
melevy at**20050308145845] 
[Reverted #testLobby to remove broken cascade implementation.
Nick Forde <nickf at>**20050308212636] 
[New post-0.3.2 entries.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050308211105] 
Nick Forde <nickf at>**20050308203509
 Test updates to reflect the license.txt file rename to LICENSE.
[Added Syntax Resend = and a selector method for compatibility with message nodes.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050308073550] 
[Added rotate/rotated methods to Sequence.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050308065450] 
[Added = methods to Syntax Node types.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050308061835] 
[Adjusted `commutatively to check for symmetric roles and do nothing if so.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050308055653] 
[Added several readFrom: methods to start refactoring out the double-dispatches. There are also additional cleanups and marking which methods should be phased out.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050308044216] 
[Cosmetic cleanups to the Regex library.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050308043838] 
[One last regex test fix, and refactoring CharSetParser to CharSet Parser.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050307214220] 
[Syntax fix for the regex test case.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050307212100] 
[Moved Regex tests into tests/regex.slate (they are not unit tests yet, however).
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050307210122] 
[Regex code fixes to make the example tests work. This is in-progress.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050307201719] 
[newSize: -> new &capacity:
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050307195903] 
[Massive cleanups to the regexp library, just at a basic idiomatic level.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050307195440] 
[Fixed a remaining UrlActor reference.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050307183510] 
[Updated the myurl setup in HTTP code to use readFrom:.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050307183353] 
[Made the new regexp code stop caring if it gets a string or a stream.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050307183233] 
[Various HTTP code cleanups.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050307183004] 
[Updated syntax.slate to use a slightly-more-functional version of eventual-send expansion.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050307180358] 
[Replaced the old regex code with the new code.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050307180244] 
[Removing old Regex library.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050307180141] 
[Preliminary regex code
jewel at**20050307041053] 
[modified http code to parse URL with regex
jewel at**20050307040918] 
[Added `commutatively note and 0.3.2 marker.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050306232635] 
[Cosmetic cleanups.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050304185448] 
[Socket patch-ups, not quite complete.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050304185127] 
[Added comments to ensureNamespace methods.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050302195157] 
[unixsocket.slate -> unix/socket.slate
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050228214740] 
[Currying fixes.
lsalzman1 at**20050301042439] 
[Removed non-plugin socket.slate code.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050228203547] 
[Added bindToPort:.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050228175638] 
[Bug fix for Message send.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050228072551] 
[Added examples to the traits-printing bug entry.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050228072440] 
[Commented out MethodNotFound defaultHandler. it's not ready.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050228034617] 
[Refactored Message out of MethodNotFound.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050228025929] 
[Initial currying code.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050227213223] 
[Updated the alpha URL to use the DARCS alpha branch.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050227205533] 
[Fixes for `commutatively; it now works.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050225225431] 
[More digraph-loading fixes.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050225220353] 
[Bug-fix for resend.
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050225215558] 
[Removing site/ files and placing them into their own branch.
The Slate Team <slate at>**20050225200152] 
[Initial check-in of alpha core materials.
The Slate Team <slate at>**20050225175929] 
[Boolean printNames
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050225174327] 
[Commutatively macro first cut
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050224190056] 
Brian T. Rice <water at>**20050224182220] 
Ken Causey <ken at>**20050223000342] 
[adjust title layout and remove unused page
[try adjusting news page title bar
[try newsflash in main section
[remove newsflash
[add newsflash to front page
[fix date in latest news
[Corrected 0.3.2 download size.
[Release 0.3.2, news item, download entry.
[TAG REL-0-3-2 
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