Alpha updated

Brian Rice water at
Wed Mar 23 09:53:17 PST 2005

New features:

The current REPL (read-eval-print loop) is available as "repl". "repl 
results" gives the last few objects resulting from evaluation. See also 
src/mobius/repl.slate for "repl results", "it", "it2", "it3", etc., and 
other repl methods. Note installMethods; this can be extended to add 
other repl message conveniences; ideas/patches welcome!

requires:/provides: were moved up to Namespace traits, to assist in 
loading code into alternate namespaces.

Queue and RingBuffer implementations added (and are now loaded into the 
image in the post-bootstrap sequence). Queue uses wrap-around array-use 
semantics, like ExtensibleArray. RingBuffer just overrides it to not 
grow automatically when full, but instead overwrite elements at the 
other end of the Sequence.

ArrayBacked was created from between ExtensibleSequence and 
ExtensibleArray (and Queue and SortedSequence and so on). It just has 
the methods which only need to know that there's a #contents Array 

There's also now FlattenedReadStream which you make by taking a 
ReadStream and calling "flattened" on it. It will create this new 
stream type which will recurse through all underlying ReadStreams and 
do them in this depth-first ordering. This was created as a way to 
encapsulate a deep recursion. It may evolve a bit further.

There are more SDL updates from Paul Dufresne, although there are 
apparently still outstanding issues; make sure these are communicated 
if you want to see it improve.

The quotation system now can correctly use macros from within `unquote 

It looks like I didn't mention this earlier: Directory current: now 
takes anything convertible to a Locator (e.g. string name of the 
directory), the "parent", "root", "isRoot" protocols were added, and 
bugs were fixed.

... and more: mostly random bug-fixes and extensions.

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development

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