Error bootstrapping latest alpha

Brian Rice water at
Thu Mar 24 08:38:15 PST 2005

Do "make get-alpha". The image actually recorded in the alpha branch is 
out of date. The image at the location in the repository is fine, 
although I need to update it again.

Note: when I send an "Alpha updated" email, that means you need to get 
fresh alpha images with the makerule.

On Mar 24, 2005, at 8:32 AM, Bill Sun wrote:

> I'm getting this error when attempting to bootstrap Slate with a fresh
> copy of the alpha repository (deleted the old, then re-get the alpha).
> Bootstrapping libraries...
> Slate: Growing heap to 4824776 bytes.
> Performing post-bootstrap actions...
> Loading 'src/lib/macro.slate'
> Loading 'src/lib/linkedlist.slate'
> Loading 'src/lib/cord.slate'
> Loading 'src/lib/path.slate'
> Loading 'src/lib/inspect.slate'
> You are in a twisty little maze of objects, all alike.
> Loading 'src/mobius/vm/interp/map.slate'
> Loading 'src/lib/directory.slate'
> Loading 'src/mobius/image.slate'
> Loading 'src/mobius/repl.slate'
> Hi, there!
> Please save your image now, (eg. "Image saveNamed: 'slate.image'.") to
> avoid rep
> eating this bootstrap.
> The following condition was signaled:
> The method #repl was not found for the following arguments:
> {(traitsWindow. prototypes. globals. Mixins. Types. VM)}
> No restarts are available.
> Debug:
> -Bill Sun
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