Some questions on Slate syntax

Shaping shaping at
Sun Mar 27 00:40:52 PST 2005

> The whole "0-based" vs. "1-based" thing is misleading. When you are talking 
> about "at:", you are locating some item in space by a coordinate - addressing. 
> Memory is a spatial thing. Counting is just a different idiom entirely - 
> searching. The thinking is, "I want that thing, there!", as opposed to, "Hmm, 
> that's not what I want. Not that either. Oh, this one!"

Discrete, /ordered/ items are countable.  Counting starts at 1.

Fundamentally, this issue is about naming a thing with a number representing its 
/place/ in an ordered sequence.  Order and counting both start at 1.


> Lee
> Shaping wrote:
>>> 1. Why 0-based arrays?
>>> 0-based arrays don't seem to be as intuitive and easy to use as
>>> 1-based.  If you want to create an array with x elements, the last
>>> element's index is x-1, rather than just plain old x.  Not only is
>>> there an extra calculation involved, but if you're careless or just
>>> happen to typed a typo, you'll get one of those bugs that you'll want
>>> to slap yourself in the face with.
>> I have the same question/complaint, despite the slight improvement in 
>> machine-efficiency it creates.  The convention produces much programmer 
>> inefficiency--extra thinking/translating/checking.  Counting starts at 1.
>> Shaping

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