Io programming language

Bill Sun billksun at
Mon Mar 28 21:47:06 PST 2005

> I met the author in 2002. We had a discussion with David Ungar about 
> language design.

Wow, sweet. Small world? :D
> Io's grammar is ambiguous, and it's hard to reason about programs in
> Io. Io does /not/ use the same notion of prototype / inheritance that
> Slate or Self do.

I agree on this point. Which is one of the reasons I couldn't get
myself to try it out. Instead, I picked Slate :).  Even though Slate
looked less complete.  Interestingly enough, there's project called
Europa, in which one of it's aim is to use a Smalltalk like syntax for
Io (although the project seemed to have stayed stagnant at the planning
>I am more inclined to use the E model

I briefly read about E's concurrency some time ago, looks like it's
time to delve deeper, thanks for the link!

-Bill Sun

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