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Bill Sun billksun at
Thu Mar 31 00:29:34 PST 2005

I successfully rebuilt and bootstrapped the VM. 
However, right after the bootstrapping process, when I
tried to execute the save image command, I get this
error message:

Hi, there!
Please save your image now, (eg. "Image saveNamed:
'slate.image'.") to
eating this bootstrap.
Slate 1> Image saveNamed: 'slate.image'.
The following condition was signaled:
-1 is not a key in {Nil. Nil. Nil. Nil. Nil. Nil. Nil.
Nil. Nil. Nil}

I tried some simple additions like "1 + 3." and they
all end of with the above error message.

Any ideas?  Did the windows files get out of sync?

-Bill Sun
--- Brian Rice <water at> wrote:
> Both the alpha images and VM sources have been
> updated. Here's a 
> summary of the changes:
> (1) Removal of traits-less objects; you can't call
> any methods on them 
> - mainly it manifests in "Unprintable object"
> errors. There was some 
> trickery in the type system objects that used
> objects with removed 
> traitsWindow slots. This has been re-implemented
> using a macro; see 
> src/mobius/types.slate. Also, traitsWindow slot
> removal will throw an 
> error now.
> The Raw object, an undocumented (and unused)
> feature, was also removed 
> due to this problem of not having any traits (which
> prevents calling 
> any message with it).
> Uses of sendTo:through: in root.slate which
> complicated a lot of the 
> sources have been removed. These were here only
> because of the presence 
> of traits-less objects.
> traits and traitsWindow slots were ensured to be
> immutable.
> (2) Additions to the method query protocol. Now,
> #selector callers and 
> #selector implementations will return methods which
> call that name and 
> methods with that name, respectively. Both will
> recursively search from 
> a specified root object given with optional &in:.
> vm/interp/map.slate 
> gained some utility methods like methodsNamed:(at:)
> and methodsCalling: 
> to make the querying simpler.
> isAbstract was added to see if a given method did
> anything but call 
> overrideThis.
> (3) Thanks to Olli, ArrayMD (multidimensional array)
> now has a 
> pretty-printing handler and read/write streams.
> Traversal order is 
> fixed as yet, but I am working on variable optional
> specification of 
> traversal order when requesting streams.
> (4) A VM safety check was added for primitive
> newSize: methods, which 
> makes a minimum of 0 for size. Previously, calling
> newSize: with a 
> negative size argument would crash the VM. Make sure
> to rebuild that VM 
> (it's getting rare, so I figure I need to remind
> people)!
> (5) A trivial commentTemplate method will look at an
> object and do some 
> fuzzy stuff to build a default comment. It returns a
> String. See 
> derivable.slate.
> (6) More of Paul's SDL updates have been
> incorporated.
> (7) I tried to make REPL and SmartREPL more
> compatible, but SmartREPL 
> is starting with errors these days that I haven't
> fully fixed.
> (8) More File Locator fixes for relative paths. See
> path.slate.
> --
> Brian T. Rice
> LOGOS Research and Development

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