Page update

Anders Petersson
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 14:06:53 +0100

I corrected and extended the page Beholder created yesterday 

If we take this step by step and everybody helps a little at a time, things 
should proceed without too much sweat. (Except for AHLL, which I intend to 
work a lot with in private, to then release a good account of.)

As I said, I corrected the document a bit. (No critique to Beholder.) A 
couple of changes were kinda picky, but some vague stuff at the end make me 
wonder (out of pure analytical interest). Either you were not alert enough 
to care to analyze what I said on IRC, or I express my thoughts worse than 
I thought, and maybe, related to the latter, things I see more or less as 
given (and so I don't explain it) are not as clear for others.
Your own thoughts are welcome, as that can improve future communication.


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