Chatting on

Anders Petersson
Fri, 26 Nov 1999 23:46:21 +0100

I've got nobody to talk to now, so I'll talk to the mlist.

I'm working pretty much with AHLL now, writing that ambitious paper about 
it and so. I realized some things todays during a long bus trip.
What I've consistently called AHLL for as long as I've been on the current 
track with it, is really AKOS itself. AHLL is supposed to be the 
*language*, I've focused on the system which is more than the language itself.

Then, I came up with a smart name; Selfless. This is a pun on the language 
Self and the difference that Self has a notion of "self" (the object 
itself), while AKOS/AHLL does not. AND it can also be read into it that 
AKOS is selfless since it defines no specifics itself but leaves that to 
others (it's a metametamodel, Beholder knows what I mean).
I haven't decided anything, it's just a thought... if this name was to be 
used, it would suit be to replace AKOS, methinks (not AHLL, that is).

I should go back to writing on the paper now.

Oh, and Beholder; I changed the name of "interpreter key" to "dummy".