which p-language

Kevin Mortimer leaveword@xoommail.com
Sun, 29 Aug 1999 23:51:10 -0700

In my process of seeking guidance, I'm taking a survey.
I realize time is of the essence so I don't epect any 
explanations or support of opinion unless you choose to.

In the critiques made thus far, which programming language 
is closer to overall best for any and all task. Doesn't 
necessarily have to be one that will ever catch on as 
humans will always select the lowest common denominator on 
a mass basis. 

What are the top 5 languages that exist now that will 
probably be around for 20 more years which a beginner can 
choose from to learn. The choices must be marketable in 
attaining a job.

What do you believe the timeline is when programs will be 
so large and complicated that computers themselves will 
have to create them? As an intermediate step within this 
evolution provided genetic engineering reaches such a not-
so-good pinnacle, do you see persons who are enhanced with 
higher IQs being required by companies? (Y/N)

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