MOOSE papers

Raul Deluth Miller
Mon, 31 Oct 1994 15:16:31 -0500

   There are zip handlers for PC's and Unix available by ftp on any good
   site (say I can send you MSDOS, Sun4 or Linux binary,
   if you want...

Yeah, I have a binary -- I was just trying to be lazy.

Raul D. Miller           n =: p*q             NB. 9<##:##:n [.large prime p, q
<>  y =: n&|&(*&x)^:e 1  NB. -.1 e.e e.&factors<:p,q [.e<n
                         NB.  public e, n, y
                         x -: n&|&(*&y)^:d 1  NB. 1=(d*e)+.p*&<:q