SEC: object security

Tue, 1 Nov 1994 17:11:00 -0500

    I'm wondering if there wouldn't be some kind of CRC possible when sending
an agent out and getting its report back. Some kind of code that is set when
the agent is dispatched and checked against an encrypted key on the agent upon
its return. If they don't match, the agent has been compromised and has to be
executed (non-computer definition). You're right, mike, these analogies are
    This CRC, could be on a stack for travelling through multiple systems. 
Really good analogy coming up. You send an agent out to buy the best, yet ch
cheapest tickets to an upcoming concert. It travels from your system to a
system that keeps track of all companies that sell tickets and compares all the
prices of the kind of ticket you want. Choosing the ticket and company it wantss
to buy from, it proceeds to your bank's system where it withdraws the needed
funds. From there, it proceeds to the ticket company, buys the ticket and 
returns home the same way it went out. At each return, the agent can be checked
for the CRC that was stacked upon the previous CRC. If the CRC fromthe ticket
company back to the bank doesn't match, the agent was compromised with some ae
amount of your funds and may require a criminal investigatation to determine
exactly where it was compromised. And so, all the way back home, the agent tr
travels until it arrives back at your system with the digital tickets, if all l
CRCs checked out.
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