Daniel Newcombe NEWCOMBE@AA.csc.peachnet.edu
Wed, 2 Nov 1994 16:11:42 EST

> I agree with Mike Prince.  Until there is some sort of organization this
> is all just hot air.

Not to sound rude, but do we really need to go nuts subdividing so 
soon, after all, there are only 16 people on this list!

> The secretary would be a sort of chair to moderate discussion.  It

Is there that much discussion that needs to be moderated?  I can see 
maybe down the road when the list gains more of a following.
> The coordinator would coordinate projects.  S/he would gather the specs

This would be a needed role. I'll agree with that.
> This sounds pretty draconian compared to what we have now (total
> anarchy), but some sort of center is needed to both handle discussion

This is not anarchy.  This is a few people in a room holding different 
conversations at once.
> I hope this stimulates some discussion on this topic.  My personal
> experience with Internet projects is that without some clear form
> of organization nothing happens.  Perhaps I have just been unlucky,
> but I have yet to talk to anyone that has had a different experience.
Yes, some sort of central organization is needed.  That way you don't 
have two patches that do the same thing or cancel each other out. 

We don't need to start subdividing into seperate mailing lists, having 
all postings go through one person for approval, etc...  Maybe down the 
road, but not now.


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