Proposed Organization

Gary D. Duzan
Thu, 03 Nov 1994 18:27:42 -0500

In Message <> ,
   Mike Prince <> wrote:

=>> > The Secretary shall have a term of 1 year.  Beginning November 1st.  All 
=>> > votes shall be registered by members after Octerber 20th and before 
=>> > October 26th.
=>> Some of you are in school (I am not, it just looks like it
=>> from my address).  Are you sure that you will be available for
=>> twelve months?
=>I was a bit torn over this one too.  I want the term to be long enough 
=>that we don't have to the hassle of re-voting all the time.  On the flip 
=>side 12 months is a LONG time.  How does eveyone else feel?

   How about just leaving people in positions until they abandon it
or lose a sort of British-style no confidence vote? In such a small
group, just give any member the power to call for a vote once every
three months.

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