GOALS: My two cents worth.

Cybernaut garrett@thunder.indstate.edu
Mon, 7 Nov 1994 15:46:44 -0500

    You wanted one-liner goals for the project, well, here're mine.

1) No set UI. Let the individual users choose what kind of interface they
want and go with it. Also, make the UIs as hardware independent as possible.

2) Network transparent resource sharing. If I'm chugging away on a CPU
intensive app and the computer next to me is idle, I want to be able to ask
that computer to help me out (if the two machines are networked, of course).

3) Software engines that remain constant from platform to platform. I'd like
to know that I'll be able to read the same documents, play the same sounds,
and view the same graphics on any platform and not have to learn new
software on each.

4) To be able to use all the hardware to the optimum and not be regulated by
what the systems programmer is capable of providing me with.

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