survey: Sony papers

Jecel Mattos de Assumpcao Jr.
Wed, 9 Nov 94 20:24:41 EDT

Seeing some of the discussions that are going on here and having no
time to reply to them properly, I thought I would point out some
papers that can be found by FTP from

TR-92-004 "Naming and Addressing of Objects without Unique Identifiers"
          Nobuhisa Fujinami
          Yasuhiko Yokote

TR-90-006 "Computational Field Model: Toward a New Computing Model/
           Methodology for open Distributed Environment"
          Mario Tokoro

TM-94-005 "Concurrent Object-Oriented Device Driver Programming in
           Apertos Operating System"
          Jun-ichiro Itoh
          Yasuhiko Yokote

There are many more where these can be found ( directory CSL/papers )
including some in Japanese which I was not able to read but which look
very interesting.

-- Jecel