discussion:Goals Round IV

Mike Prince mprince@crl.com
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 17:57:01 -0800 (PST)

Here's a little idea to keep things organized.  I'm calling it my 
Whiteboard.  Below are the ideas proposed for our project.  Over the next 
few weeks I'd like to add, delete, and refine the list.  Up till now 
people are spouting lots of good ideas, but not in a form which easily  
transforms into a list entry.  So...

To get your idea added to the list, state it.
To get an idea pulled from the list, ask.
To change an idea on the list, send me the change.

Every idea must be described in one line, and have at most a one 
paragraph description.  For those ideas under debate I'll post the 
summary, for those we agree on, I'll list just the description.

To reitereate our ideas;

- must be a friendly intuitive UI
- must have a lot of productivity apps (mail, wp, spreadsheet, ie necessary
- must fill a strategic niche (i.e. choose our customers well)
- must be maleable (no set ui, easy to personalize)
- use all the available resources (over net too)
- all the above must remain constant over all platforms (who cares what
   hardware they are using).  My app here runs on all my platforms.  No
   multiple shrinkwrap copies.
- must have a good development environment
- must be able to use all available resources (look above too)
- persistency:  This is not really addressed by the above, it could be
   considered to be part of the user friendliness thing.not only is the ui
   the same, but the apps and all objects in the system are exactly the way
   you left them.
- separate mechanism from policy
- support standards where feasible
- simple, portable strategies
- include marketable things, not gee whiz features

Let the games begin...