A load of Moose shit!

Johan Van Schalkwyk jvs@iconz.co.nz
Tue, 29 Nov 1994 01:25:02 +1300 (NZDT)

Dear MooseTunesPeople,

C'mon, get real.

Moose? Tunes?

Consider the following statements..

"Yes well, actually, I program in Moose" 

"We decided to call it TUNES, which is, erm, actually an acronym for 
TUNES is etc"

"Moose will dominate the world, and bring Microsoft to its knees!"

"Back in 1994, a revolutionary new concept was proposed, the MOOSE concept.."

"... the amazing impact that (cough, cough) Moose had on the computer 

As I said, get real.

In my book, the only good Moose is a **dead** moose. At least it is 
better than a stillborn moose!

And as for TUNES, OGNNAA  (Oh God no, not another acronym)!!

Can we not find a single non-acronym in the whole fucking English 
language that will fit our purposes? Preferably a short pithy word that 
doesn't conjure up elk-like animals galloping across the tundra, or 
amateur and presumably incompetent programmers diddling with nursery rhymes?

THAT word should:

a. Be short						Joy!
b. Be useable in compounds				enJoy!
c. Not be limited to a particular field 		TUNES
d. Be euphonious (sound good)				ScabPicker
e. Create good feelings in the user			ScabPicker
f. Be original.						?

Comments. Ideas? Please?

Grmm .. grmmble, .. mumble .. mutter, mutter (Dark thoughts)