MOOSE Project -- new OS ?
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 12:00:07 +0100

Re. your MOOSE project.

Let me start by saying that what you are proposing is not a
one-man project.  You don't have time enought for it.  You
simply have to get others to work with you or give it up.

The Linux kernel was written by one man, but there would be
no stable Linux today if not hundreds of other has joined
the project.  One man does not have the time to find all the
bugs, find all the errors the Cpu and its documentation,
test against and port the program to zillions of different
pieces of hardware (hard disks, busses, video adapters, mice,
sound cards, ...), and what's not.

I don't know the Linux details since I am not a Linux user,
but I am under the impression that the Linux society holds
quite a few very able men and women with experience in lots
and lots of different hard- and software.

Then comes the question: why?  Wouldn't you be far better off
by implementing the language of your choice on top of an
existing and stable multiprocessing kernel?  Think of Emacs
which is a Lisp interpreter (with, i.e., garbage collection)
with its core implemented in C.  Emacs is provably portable.

Morten Welinder