Basic Protected mode

Ban Keong Yee
Sat, 22 Oct 94 11:01:42 EDT

> >         Please accept my application.
> > 	I porgram in C++ and a little bit asm.
> I'll be glad to, though I fear it will be a long time before C++ will be
> supported in my OS (an entirely new compiler would have to be written, as
> my OS won't support the usual unsafe flat C memory model as a native mode).
> My most important grieves against C++ are its unsafety, static typing,
> and very complex semantics.
I have been wrote program since 1989, and I have try BASIC, Pascal, C and
C++.  The only language that increase my productivity is C++, because of
code reuseable.  Well, I know a OS is very hard to write, I don't mind to
work on a very small part, such as compiler writing.  How can I know more
about your OS?

> > Thanks in advance.
> If you can bear writing an application in a language still partially defined,
> you're welcome.
I don't mind to learn a new language.  How can I know more about this
> I'm not trying to disgust you from helping me. I do need help. But I must
> warn you that my way is long and difficult, though I hope it to be full of
> reward.
Yes, I understand that.  In fact, when I write a small OS for 8088, all I
have is the OS, no compilers, no assemblers, no applications.  So, I need
to write compiler, assembler, and more for that.  It is a long way to run.
Therefore, I think if I have a C compiler, then I can port most software
from other platforms.  I am sure a C or C++ compiler will make your OS more
close to perfection.

> So, should I add you to my project team ?
Yes, please.  How many persons in you project team currently?

Thanks again.

> I wish you good luck and success anyway.
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