MOOSE Project -- new OS ?

Stephen Pelc
Sun, 23 Oct 94 08:57:25 GMT

>   Now, if I could use other people's work, or join other projects (whether
> personal, universitarian, or commercial (as long as the result remains
> essentially free)), I'd be glad. Can you help me contact interested people ?
The problem is, we are a commercial operation, so we *must* sell our
work at a profit. We shall be selling implmentations at a profit. However,
the low level language specifications are public. If you want help from us,
it would have to be in return for source code of your implementations, or
some contribution to the project.

> > You should also look at the ANDF technology produced by the OMI-GLUE project,
> > which was considered for use by one of the Unix consortia.
>   I'd be glad to. Where can I find papers (or code ! or netfriends) to
> learn about such technology ?
For the ANDF/DEPLOY project contact:
  Gianluigi Castelli
  Via Adelaide Bono Cairoli, 34
  I-20127, Milano
  tel: +39 2 261 621
  fax: +39 2 261 10755

For pure Forth portability, talk to Mitch Bradley, who appears on this
conference from time to to time.
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MicroProcessor Engineering - More Real, Less Time
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