MOOSE Project -- new OS ?

Jecel Mattos de Assumpcao Jr.
Mon, 24 Oct 94 20:32:46 EDT

>   As I'm sick of computing systems I know, and saw no end to them, I've
> decided to write my own, on my 386 PC to begin with, but in a portable way
> (have an implementation over *yuck* POSIX ?).

I am also writting my own OS. You can read about it in the WWW as:

>   The project is called MOOSE, and I'm writing it alone. It means
> Multi-* Object-oriented Operating System and Environment. *I* didn't choose
> the name as I wasn't alone at that time.

So, why can't you change it now?

>   It's a project for an OS that will change you from Un*x and
> sub-clones like MS-DOG:
> - of course multi* (tasking/threading/user)


> - persistence, thus garbage collection, security, type-checking (thus, no "C")
>  that means no *need* of file system (but still support them to communicate
>  with other OSes. That also means *need* for a language that supports
>  orthogonal persistence.

I agree. But any language can have persistence added to it ( see
the Texas system in )

> - machine-independent low-level (stack-based/FORTH-like ?) language for
>  portable binaries, with common interpreter or compiler back-end.

Smalltalk/Self bytecodes are also a good choice.

> - partial lazy evaluation and optimization for ideal dynamic performance

Ok. My system doesn't do this, but is close.

> - no-kernel (not even micro- or nano-) architecture. Everything is
>  decentralized in modules (even the module loaders). The only thing needed
>  is a boot module. Modules communicate through conventional protocols (which
>  may change by replacing all concerned modules).

I don't think you can get rid of a nanokernel-like system. Something
must field the interrupts.

> - system specifications open for a distributed version where objects migrate
>  or are copied on the fly from host to host to achieve best performance
>  (but security required more than ever).

Almost all new OSes have this. Also, agent based programming is
the "in" thing in networks.

> - Author authentification to retribute authors, or give them (dis)credit.

I do this with the normal "user objects".

> - dynamic typing high-level (some may say "object-oriented") language as
>  a standard interactive development tool -- no *need* for a shell and a
>  bunch of stubborn languages that cope with each other's flaws. All systems
>  specification are done in such a language. The language should have natural
>  extensions that allow program specification and proof, and do secure
>  type-checking.

Good choice.

>   I'm still looking for the high-level language to use, which must be able to
> integrate all those features. Can somebody help me ?
>   I'm considering BETA, SELF, Icon, or something like that. Else I'll have to
> design my own (as a self-extended typechecking FORTH-like thing ?) :( :(. Any
> comments ?

I use Self. It is very good and getting much better!

>   I'm also considering joining Mike Prince's PIOS project, or the FIRE project.
> If there's another project (personal/university/commercial) that includes all
> (or a big part) of those features, please tell me. If you see any reason why
> it shouldn't be possible or wishable, or that it does not go for enough, or
> that it goes in the wrong direction, please tell me too. I *think* I am
> open-minded enough to hear it.

I think it is a great idea!

>   Any help, comment or feedback appreciated.
>   Please reply by mail (but you may post your reply *too*), as I may not be
> reading your group. Sorry for the noise if you think it doesn't fit the group.
>   Thanks.
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Feel free to write me if you want more details about my work. I hope
to update my WWW pages later this week with some real information :-)

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