Self is not against Forth

Rainer Blome
Wed, 2 Aug 1995 15:57:06 +0200

to all:

has _anybody_ (esp. those of you who know self and forth) understood what i
am talking about or do i have to seriously rephrase the thing?

as has been repeatedly said, knowing the concepts behind self is a
prerequisite to seriously participate in most discussion on this list.  the
concepts linger around in other contexts, too, but the introductory self
papers offer by far the most concentrated and best presentation of them.
look at to get them.

billy, you said:

> I know very little about self.

sorry, if you don't don't know self, you'll sure have a difficult time
understanding my message.

> All I know is that the easiest language to assembley-extend is Forth,
> probably because it's so simple.

how do you know that?  _why_ is that so simple?  if it's so simple, the
reason for that can't be difficult to describe? ;-)

greetings,	rainer