release and thoughts

Rainer Blome
Tue, 8 Aug 1995 16:06:58 +0200

fare, you wrote (at the end of your message):

> ...; and this can be done easily by programmably combining higher-order
> code transformations on high-level code, and generic meta-implementation
> operator that map high-level objects to low-level implementations (which
> is the generalization of calling convention), with a simply customizable
> syntax, so I can adapt the input tool to the input data. *This* is the
> trend where we should go.

this _sounds_ interesting, but  i still don't have a solid grasp of what
you want there.  maybe i do undrstand the concepts, just i don't see what
you mean.  you haven't said this the first time, so i suggest to you
to write a paper and try to get your idea across in a clear and concise
way.  (i know, i have to do that with my ideas, too. and so will i, in the
not-too-distant future, i hope.)

(don't bother explaining customizable syntax, that part is clear.)

anyway, ecoop is fun. jecel had some really nice slides in his talk at
the meta workshop, just too little time to present it.

i am surprised as to how little people here actually know self,
especially some who *really should* know it.  for example, there's a
guy here from belgium (patrick stayert i think), who presented to the
meta WS a gui builder that is able to manipulate itself.  this
(runtime manipulation of every morph (the graphical objects)) is implicitly
possible with self since a long time, and has been added
to self 4.0 as an explicit and comfortable-to-use capability of any
morph, including the menu that enables one to do so.  patrick hadn't
even heard of that.

he's not necessarily to blame for that, you can't be just everywhere
in a given amount of time, but this was a lesson for me about what to
expect from the research community.  the inertia involved here is a
lot higher than i had thought.