Don't buy it

Francois-Rene Rideau
Thu, 10 Aug 95 15:16:52 MET DST

Dear Tunespeople, and particularly Sean,
   As David Mentre' just told me, I may have too often presented my
opinions in a too categorical way. I wouldn't want you to think I am
a fanatic, and that only my opinions should prevail. I wouldn't
want you to think that I've made all this noise without believing
what I said.
   Instead, I consider that we should experiment with various ways.
I propose my opinions, and will try to implement them first before
I do something else. But I do not reject what other people do propose.
Sean said "I don't buy it". He's right. If he's not convinced, he
shouldn't buy, and only fair comparisons of actual implementations
should convince him. I think we *should* *eventually* provide a lot
of different implementations (by combining higher-order
meta-implementations ;), so we compare them and find which is actually
the best (hopefully the one we thought being better than the ones we
rejected, and hopefully an even better solution coming).
   So when I say this or that and propose arguments for it, I don't
mean that I have the absolute truth, but that I have my own founded
opinion; I don't mean the project will reject any other solution,
but that so far as I'm the only implementor currently concerned, I'll
do it my way first. And if you think I defend my ideas too violently,
be sure that I dearly want to be understood (or unmistaken), but
not necessarily to be agreed with.
   If in the future I may continue to seem overconvinced, I'd like
you to remind this message, and possibly to recall it to me if I should
ever forget it.
   Peace and merry work on the TUNES project and all its members.
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