coop/preempt [was: Re: release and thoughts]

Rainer Blome
Mon, 21 Aug 1995 13:49:25 +0200

how much speedup do we get from coop?  will it be so much that it is worth
investing the time needed to implement it?  we might instead just wait one
year for faster machines.

what is the users' model (abstract view) of a the machine?  normally, you
don't to care about the coop/preempt issue, it's an implementation detail
of the os.  of course, sometimes some power-user does care.

implementing this kind of safe coop will be a very hard task.  and it
doesn't really look like one of the central goals of tunes.  starting with
a preemptive implementation of an abstract machine model that allows for
later enhancement with the coop scheme seems more reasonable to me.