References on programming theory

Patrick Premont
Sat, 9 Dec 1995 17:43:05 -0500

This is a followup to my previous message about formalizing
programs and specifications.

I've been asked about references.
The only references I have for now are the textbook for                
the course and a PhD thesis from one of Hehner's students. However,    
their bibliographies should point to plenty more.                      
The book (which is a very good starting point):                        
Eric C. R. Hehner, A practical theory of programming,                  
Texts and Monographs in Computer Science, Springer Verlag, 1993        
ISBN 0-387-94106-1                                                     
The thesis :                                                           
Theodore S. Norvell, A predicative theory of machine languages and its 
application to compiler correctness, University of Toronto, 1994