INT: Project Alive!

Dr. J. Van Sckalkwyk (External)
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 20:31:51 GMT+2

Dear Chris

>     A good many of you out there are sounding rather dead.  I hope 
> it's because you're out skiing, or in some other way celebrating winter.  
* Or celebrating summer (some of us are in the S. 1/2sphere)!
>     I've decided, at least for the moment, to take up initiative of 
> the Interfaces project again.  In celebration, I've updated the 
* [faint applause]

>     How can the same API support well both a beautiful 
> report-writing module, or, for that matter, most modules pertaining to 
> have nothing in common with the graphics primitives that a simple 
> picture-drawing module might use?
* Get your basic design right (unlike all current os'es) The rest will 

Bye             JVS.