The Tunes project

Francois-Rene Rideau
Tue, 21 Feb 95 22:38:51 MET

> Hi Francois-Rene!
Lo, tommy !

> I would like to join the TUNES mailinglist and check out what TUNES is about.
> Can I do that?
>  Tommy
> ( UUCP Dialup connection )
  Well, as you use UUCP, I guess you won't like to use the WWW.
zipped files containing the project files (including copies of the 
WWW page) is available by ftp at address:
Get the tunes* files in there.
tunesarc* is just the mailing list archive, so you don't need it.
(but it may be useful).
  I regularly post patches so once you got the original files, further
transfers are ok (until eventual reorganization of the project tree).
When need appears, I'll also add automatic deletion of old files...

So, when yo have got the files, install them according to the REAME
and INSTALL from the bin package, and read your local copy of the WWW
page which contains the current status of the system (well, the mailing
list archive still contains info not digested).
These are text-only HMTL-formatted ascii files. Read them using lynx,
xmosaic, netscape, emacs W3 mode, or just a text viewer (not a good looking).
Lots of pointers to other projects are included.
old (out of date) info files about the forme MOOSE project are also included.
Feedback about Tunes, its WWW pages, or any related project is welcome.

To join the mailing list, send a message to with
any subject, and contents HELP on a line, and
SUB Tunes Tommy Halgreen
on another (I can add you, if you want). HELP is useful: will tell
you how to unsubscribe ! :)

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