tunes poll -- please answer

Chris Harris
Mon, 9 Jan 1995 16:15:32 -0800 (PST)

On Mon, 9 Jan 1995, Francois-Rene Rideau wrote:

> ** Name:

Chris Harris

> ** E-Mail address:

> ** Network capabilities available:

Dial-in unix account.  Wish they'd get SLIP/PPP setup, but that looks a 
bit down the road.  =(

> ** Physical address:

2131 NW 93rd St.
Seattle, WA 98117

> ** Phone Number:

206-784-8030, but please don't call me; you probably won't catch me 
around, and it'll annoy everyone else.  =)

> ** Birth day (as the age changes every year !):

10/4/1980.  Betcha I'm the youngest person here, aye?

> ** Work/Study situation:

Currently a "middle school senior", as I like to call it.  =)

> *********** Computer Background ***********
> ** computer languages fluently spoken (in order of decreasing interest):

Only C/C++, I'm afriaid.  =(

> ** languages I'd like to know:

Self, Smalltalk, Beta, Forth, x86 asm, any other neat langs that pop up

> ** The language I'd like to use as Tunes' HLL:

Needs more thought.  I'd probably go for something like BETA, although 
I'm not sure if I like such strong typing.

> ** political *computer* opinions:

Computers are fun, but they seem to consume a lot of people's lives 
(maybe TUNES could help this).  Computers should be able to divide 
correctly, and you shouldn't have to give the company your credit card # 
to have them replace it.  Microsoft = evil.  Objects are the way of the 
future, but their full potential isn't yet being exploited.  (I think 
BETA is getting closer to this.)

Related, but not exactly about computers, I believe in the free flow of 
information, and hate censorship.

> ** Architectures/OS combination I can work on:


> *********** Parts of the system I'm ready to develop: ***********
> ** New protocols I'd like to design:

Cool user interface, per Fare's thoughts.  (Actually, maybe the whole 
object call architecture should be more like this; you don't specify 
exact objects, but rather what type of object will get the job done....)

Other, as it comes up.

> ** Existing protocols I'd like to implement:

None at the moment.

> ** Architectures I'd help write the low-level stuff for:

Like to say x86, but I need to learn its assembler better.  I've got a 
486 programmer's ref manual, but don't have an assember with docs.

> *********** Parts of the system I'm eager others to develop: ***********
> ** New protocols I'd like to see designed:
> ** Existing protocols I'd like to see implemented:

More about these at another time....

> ** Architectures I'd like the system to be ported to:

Anything that exists, eventually; native on PPC, Intel, SPARC, Alpha, 
etc., also port to Windoze, Linux/unix, mac.

> *********** Project Management ***********
> ** How much I am available:

Depends on the day, hour, minute, etc..

> ** How I think the project could be managed better:

We need more document-keepers.  So far, the only "official" docs we have 
are the charter and my draft UI proposal.  Need something about LLL, HLL, 
etc..  Recent messages about a particular subject might also be handy to 
have batched together.

> ** Sub-project I'm ready to manage:

UI!  =)

> ** What I think about the poll:

Useful; fill it out, everybody!  =)

See ya'....