Summing up the project's situation

Francois-Rene Rideau
Mon, 16 Jan 95 16:20:29 MET

   I haven't heard much feedback from the list about the WWW page I've
setup (it's been last modified saturday, and the projects goal need be
refined). Feedback *is* appreciated. You have the right to disagree
with me, and the duty to report it if you do disagree.

   I think everyone is expected directly implementable specifications
to begin "real work". I do too. But I just want the project to have
settled general specifications so we do not go wild when it comes to
implement code without knowing where we're going (I *think* that's what
VSTa is doing). In my idea, we'd refine the specifications as we go, until
the specs are so much refined that they are real code !
   This week, I'll still be awaiting major feedback about the major project
points, and begin setting up the HLL specifications. Next week, I'll
concentrate on the HLL. *Please* do send your ideas.

   The schedule is thus:
* fill in the poll if you haven't yet.
* particularly, tell if you can't have access to the WWW.
 If you don't, you can still install a WWW reader at home,
 and we'll find a way to get you regular copies of our WWW files.
* tell what *you* think about the general project specifications,
 its modified Charter, its general goal, its specific goals, its
 organization, its copyright/distribution policy.
* register as project maintainer if you want to manage a project.
 Needed managers: root, HLL, LLL, i386, OTOP, and modules.
 modules would be a project to define how objects are organized into modules
 that can be decompiled, distributed, replaced, upgraded, copied,
 specialized or generalized, etc.
* send any ideas about existing or to be project
* sum up ideas you got from the other projects cited (or not cited)
 in the page about "related works". It'd be very interesting to everyone
 to get the ideas from the papers therein without having to read all that
 litterature. I'd especially like feedback from BETA, Sather, Dylan and SELF
 (as for languages)...

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