more references

Jecel Mattos de Assumpcao Jr.
Tue, 11 Jul 1995 01:56:37 -0300

Here are some references that might be relevant to the discussions
in this list.

Kyle Hayes ( remember him? ) told me about a new language designed
by Tim Budd ( of Little Smalltalk fame ) that tries to unify the
OOP and functional programming styles. The language is called
Leda and there is a book about it and some information at ( I haven't looked yet ).

The best explanation I've seen about reflection and open system
design can be found from the "Open Implementation Home Page" at
It seems closely related to Fare''s annotations.

Pretty close to that page, I found neat ideas about User Interfaces at
The thing that made me a bit worried is that every paper claims
that they have requested patents about these ideas. This is hardly
surprising when you consider that they invented the modern GUI and
Apple was trying to have exclusive rights to it just a few years
later. But I had come up with many of the same ideas on my own
and was planning on using them in my project! It is not very nice
to pay another for your own ideas :-(

-- Jecel